Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a quick update

Had another team appointment yesterday. All is good. I’m 26 weeks (& 3 days today). We’re now in the third & final trimester (OMG!!!)
Will hopefully be able to start sharing some changes to bub’s room soonish. Will share a pic of what the room looks like now in the next day or two (mainly so you can all see what we have to move out of the room first LOL)
Went & saw my doc today. Just to say g’day and to update him on how it’s all going (even thou he gets the reports from the hospital) and to get a referral to get a 3d scan. so we’re all booked in to have a 3d scan next Wednesday!!!! talk bout quick. thought we’d have to wait for ages to get in.
Off to another ante-natal class 2morrow night so will pop back in with a report either when I get home or on Thursday. Until then *hugs*

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