Sunday, November 29, 2009

Packing my hospital bags

well not really. just planning at the moment. We discussed what to bring with us to hospital on Wednesday night, so I’ve decided to start a list here. It was suggested we take two bags to hospital with us – one to take into the labour ward and one for when we’re in the ward.
In my labour ward bag I’ll pack:
  • at least one old t-shirt to wear during labour
  • a bubby bundle (blanket, onesie, singlet, booties, beanie, nappy)
  • mp3 player (will do a separate post on music)
  • camera & batteries (must make sure memory card is empty – it’s 4gb so that should b plenty of pics – i haven’t filled it yet)
  • drink bottle (one for me & one for hubby) and prob juice
  • packet or two of barley sugar
  • shorts for hubby (just in case)
  • packet of pads
  • some granny pants
  • thick socks
  • mobile
  • massage oil or mango butter and massager
  • TENS machine
  • toiletries – deodorant for both of us, lip balm, hair bands
  • my purple hospital book
  • our birth plan
  • change
and then in my suitcase I’ll pack:
  • some pjs (most likely button up tops & boxers)
  • slippers
  • Preg Journal
  • books
  • something to wear during the day
  • more pads & granny pants
  • breastfeeding bras & breastpads
  • clothes for bub
  • something to go home in for both me & bub
  • toiletries – hairbrush, toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner
Have I forgotten anything? Anything you took you didn’t need?

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