Saturday, March 13, 2010

Before I was a mum

(Originally posted on The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms but modified slightly for me)
Before I became a Mum…
harrassed mom
  • I didn’t appreciate what a truly tough gig motherhood is
  • I could pee, poo and shower in privacy
  • I shaved my legs at least every other day
  • I had a sex life (well, I had sex occasionally)
  • My boobs were fairly perky
  • My nipples didn’t enter the room seconds before the rest of my body
  • I had time in the morning to style my hair and apply makeup
  • I could lie in on a Saturday and Sunday morning (ahhhh bliss)
  • I could stay up and awake beyond 10pm
  • If I only got five hours sleep it was because I’d had a really fun night out
  • I didn’t have to wipe any butts or noses but my own
  • I didn’t have to wash my hands a hundred times a day. Consequently they weren’t chapped, cracked and looking like the hands of a ninety-year-old woman
  • On a visit to a friend I’d take a bottle of wine; not three overflowing bags of survival equipment
  • I didn’t spend half the day bent double picking things off the floor
  • I didn’t sport a permanent snot/dribble/mashed-biccy stain on my shoulder
I didn’t truly know what it feels like to love and be loved unconditionally. I was unaware of the joy of hearing a child’s innocent, uncontrollable laughter. I didn’t know the intoxication of nuzzling a sweet-scented baby’s head.
I didn’t know what a joy and a blessing having one beautiful child would be.
On a side note I’m working on a new venture. One that won’t take up as much of my time but won’t bring in any income – something purely for the love of crafting & chatting to other mums (& other family members) who love crafting (well mainly scrapbooking) too. I’ve got a splash page set up here which has a link to the blog which is where I’ll b posting updates before the opening. So feel free to tell your friends and subscribe to the blog so you know what’s going on. Just bear with mw as I work on the theme – things will look a little messy for a bit ;)
Until next time :)

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