Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Updating & some milestones

All is well here. Kara is growing very fast.
Had an appointment with the Child Health nurse today. Kara now weighs 4kg and is 54cm long. The nurse is happy with how Kara is growing :D
Milestones & important dates (up to March 10)
20th Feb – came home
22nd Feb – first Child Health visit. Has gained 120g since leaving hospital.
22nd Feb – first bath at home. Screamed. Not a huge fan of having a bath (or having her nappy off)
22nd Feb – what was left of her cord fell off during a 4.30am feed.
26th Feb – Second Child Health visit. Now weighs 3.56kg 
27th Feb – slept through a thunderstorm (which woke everyone else in the house up)
27th Feb – first major outing. Jonathan’s first birthday party. Slept nearly the whole time.
4th Mar – went to town for the first time. Managed to sleep most of the four hours while we went to Bunnings, Crafty Critters & Kmart.
6th Mar – Another major outing. Great Gran’s 90th birthday. Slept through most of the evening, even with being handed around to a few of the rellies for cuddles.
10th Mar – Another Child Health appointment. Now weighs 4kg. Had foot print taken.

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