Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When is a baby shower not a baby shower?

When it's a Mother Blessing!

What's a Mother Blessing?
Well I'm glad you asked. It's an alternative to a baby shower in simple terms. A Mother Blessing is based on the old Navajo ceremony (a Blessingway) celebrating a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. While a baby showers focuses on the baby to come and preparing the mother-to-be materially with gifts for the baby, the Mother Blessing focuses on the mother and on preparing the mother spiritually and emotionally for her rite of passage into motherhood.

I had a baby shower with Miss K and wasn't sure of the etiquette for subsequent babies in regards to baby showers. Most of the stuff we were given for Miss K is still usable for this bub so we don't really need anything - apart from clothes.

I did some Googling one night looking at the etiquette for subsequent baby showers and alternatives to baby showers and the term mother blessing/blessingway kept popping up. The more I read about the idea I thought ‘Perfect!’

So this is what I'm doing this time around. I'll be blogging here about the prep as I'm organising most of it with help from Mum and then sharing photos from the day afterwards.
I'll also be holding a virtual Mother Blessing on Facebook so I can invite my online friends, those who can't make it and family from overseas to take part.

Did you have a baby shower or something different for your subsequent pregnancies?

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