Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mother Blessings - What does one do at one?

I've compiled a list of ideas for those who might like to hold their own or are planning one for someone else
  1. Beading a birth necklace/bracelet
  2. Reading a a special scripture, poem, reading or quote that is encouraging to new mother
  3. Foot baths
  4. Massage
  5. Henna painting
  6. Belly casts
  7. Candle ceremony
  8. String ceremony
  9. Nursery art
  10. Organising post natal help
  11. Sharing positive birth stores
  12. Manicures/Pedicures
  13. Creating a quilt
  14. Creating scrapbook pages or a photo album
  15. Decorate a onesie
  16. Belly dance! Great for the mum to be
  17. Bake bread
  18. Create a flower wreath
  19. Create a memory box
  20. Create a wishing tree - provide some small branches in a vase and various pretty paper leaves with ribbons. Have guests write their wish for her birth and hang the wish leaf on the tree.
  21. Have each guest bring a small stone or provide stones and permanent markers. Each guest can write a word or small saying to encourage the mother through her birth, collect them in a special basket or dish.
  22. Anoint the mum to be with pregnancy safe oils
  23. Feed the freezer - each guest brings a frozen meal that the mama can put in her freezer
  24. Create a book of Mothering wisdom
  25. Create a book of wishes for baby
  26. A washing station to greet guests
  27. Introduction of guests
  28. Create prayer flags
  29. Anything that celebrates the mother-to-be, the baby and the upcoming birth
  30. If there are siblings, it's always nice to do a little something for them too.

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