Friday, September 19, 2014

To my girls (September 2014)

To my gorgeous girls,

Can you believe we’re just over a month into being a family of four? (six if you count the cats) The time has really flown!

Kara, I’m so proud of how you have handled all the changes in our family with the arrival of your sister. I know this is a difficult time for you and it is such a big change as everything is now different. Even though most of my time is spent with your sister in these early days I’ll always have time for you.
I’m really looking forward to watching you grow as your role as a big sister.

K & A Sept 2014

Anastasia. Well your a month old already. You’re growing so quickly and we’ve noticed how similar yet different you are from your sister at the same age. You are such a chatty little thing and sleep so well. Let’s hope it continues.

A at 1 month

Lots of love to you both,
September 2014

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