Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome & catching up

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. Join me on my journey as hubby & I add to our wolf's den with a little cub of our own.

Just a quick catch up to today.
13th July - Docs appointment. Had a preg test & it was confirmed I'm pregnant *woohoo* pretty excited. Doc suggested I'm bout 8 weeks.
Have had morning sickness, with some days it being all day sickness. I've been doing some research on the net & joining a few mum to be sites. Falling in love with maternity clothing (& OMG how expensive is some of it!!) and getting rather clucky.
Told my mum & dad first then the in-laws. most the family knows now I think.

Have my first appointment at the maternity ward on 30th of July. Think it will all really sink in then, especially if I have a scan.

Current cravings are ham salad rolls (which I can't have), milk, tuna, musk sticks, apples & oranges. Can't stand the smell of bacon (raw, cooking or cooked).

Everyone keeps asking me if I want a boy or girl. Honestly I don't care as long as it is healthy.

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