Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today in my world

Well I’ve been feeling very tired over the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to this coming Thursday (OMG it’s 2 days away) as it’s the first appointment at the hospital. Kinda mixed emotions – excited as but a bit worried – no idea why.
Have started a list of baby names. Have more girl names atm. I guess I find it easier to pick girl names I like cause I’m a chick lol.
Mum & I spent some time Saturday surfing the maternity stores online and we bout my first piece of maternity wear :-D Exciting huh? I think mum is more excited about this atm than I am – still feels very surreal to me. Anyways on to sharing the purchase………
how gorgeous is this dress? (I ended up getting it the grey as they had sold out of ink – the blue shown here)
Ripe_Nora_Wool_D_4a1f97bf1d55fSeriously, if you are looking to buy maternity wear online, you have to check out Mama Wear. I ordered this dress on Saturday. They contacted me on Monday to say the blue wasn’t available and would I like either the grey or the black. The dress arrived today (Tuesday)! That’s seriously speedy – gotta love that!
Have been drinking heaps of water too atm – which I suppose is a good thing.
Anyways enough rambling from me ;) Til next time

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