Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wow August already

Well Thursday went well. Chatted, got a bag of goodies (lots of advertising by baby companies and a HEAP of info to read thru plus Mother & Baby mag), had blood taken. the usual.
This Thursday will be my first scan so we can get a more accurate due date but at this stage we’re looking about the 10th Feb 2010 which makes me about 12ish weeks.
Had my first baby bump pic taken on Thursday
that’s my new dress too. I loves it.
What else? Went & did some more shopping for me, two maternity bras, some new undies & some PJs for when bub is born. I seriously love the service you get at Judy’s Body Fashions.
Went out for tea last nite at the Casino for a dinner auction. Had a great time. Was a bit peeved though cause they had all the foods I love (pate, prawns etc) and they are things I should avoid. I did have a tiny (& i mean miniscule) bit of pate & it was gorgeous. So had a feed of bread & salad and roast lamb (yummo) and dessert was one of the yummiest choc mousse and fruit salad.
Auction wise there was a few baby hampers we bid on but they ended up going for heaps. We did end up getting something though – a cute white knitted cardi, mittens & hat set. J’s mum also won a cruise on the Tamar and gave it to us which was nice – so we’ll have a nice day out one day.
Got my hair done the other day (Friday). So it’s a bit shorter than before, a bit darker & has blonde streaks – I love it.
Had some new cravings this week – French Toast, Potato scones (scottish ones – they are nothing like proper scones – I’ll take pics next time I make some & share the recipe with you all), microwave popcorn (with butter) and pancakes with lemon & sugar. No new foods I can’t stomach (yet) & feeling less queasy (yay!). Find that if I graze I don’t feel as yuck. Still not drinking Coke. Have been drinking heaps of water, water cordial and milk. I can’t get enough milk atm.
Well I think that’s all for the time being. Will most likely update again on Thursday night.

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