Thursday, August 27, 2009


Here’s the latest baby bump piccy (from 16 August)
16 Aug 02
still don’t think I’m showing that much.
Finally got some pics done of a couple of pages I’ve got done in my Pregnancy Journal.
001 Cover
Inside cover (title from pcCrafter hug Ware, Hambly transparency, LaserCuts (I think) owl)
We’re expecting/We’re got news (still to do the journaling on these pages)
If you’re a girl/If you’re a boy (I’ve added a few more names since this was taken lol)
Ohh found an awesome new place to hang out – Bub Hub OMG this site is awesome & soooo friendly. the girls there are lovely.
That’s all for now. still no appointment with hospital *sigh* am I worrying too much that I haven’t had a second appointment yet?

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