Friday, September 25, 2009

Someone is a little camera shy

Well we had our 20 week scan today (OMG 20 weeks already – can u believe it!) and a certain someone decided they did not want to play nice for the lovely lady doing our scan.
We got some great head shots (& comments about aliens from a certain father-to-be) and some cute hand & feet shots, and then lots of lovely spine shots after someone decided to roll over. Then they wouldn’t roll back so no new bubby pics.
Will have to go back in bout 3 weeks for another scan so hopefully someone will play nice this time :)
In the meantime we think we’ll see if we can get in to see Dr Winspears @ Launceston Ultrasound for Women for a 4d scan. I have heard so many wonderful things about her.
Have been receiving some gorgeous pressies so far.
A few hawks items (clothes and toys for bub), some gorgeous knitted bits from my godparents, a body shop pamper kit from me from my auntie (which smells soooo yummy), a winnie the pooh scrapbook kit from another auntie. Mum’s been buying lots of little bits & pieces too.
Anyways enough ramblings from me. will update again soon :)

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