Friday, October 23, 2009

New bub shots

Had our latest scan yesterday and bub behaved beautifully. The tech got all the shots she needed, even when bub decided to play up when she was taking shots of the heart. The funniest thing happened thou, we were chatting away while she did the scan and she turned and said to me “did you feel that too?”. Yup bub kicked the bit she was scanning and you could see it. so bub’s taking after mum & dad and doesn’t like being photographed.
This was one of the best tech’s we’ve had so far, she was chatty, explaining everything. She was saying the first EDD is what we should go by & only 5% of babies arrive on their EDD. so bub is due approx 12 Feb. I’m 24 weeks today and the scan ave suggests I’m about 5-6 days off that. The tech even explained how they work out the date thingy from each scan.
Had both mum and James’ mum there too which was nice.
Anyways on to the newest pic of our little one.
I’ve got a head cold. was worried it might have hurt bub with all the coughing I’ve been doing but all is well & bub is looking healthy :)
Until next time *waves*

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