Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another GD update

Well I’m on insulin now, 3 times a day atm. before meals. The Diabetes nurse & doc were concerned about my levels – when they are high, they are very high *sigh*
so this has caused an argument between me & hubby. He thinks I shouldn’t b on insulin but after discussion with the diabetes nurse I can see why they want me on it & if it works well & good. I said that to hubby & told him what the nurse said but I don’t think he’s convinced *sigh* so I said to him – I’d rather b healthy & have a healthy baby and if it means taking insulin just to be on the safe side (I mean it’s only for another 6 weeks) then so be it!
Onto other news….
We have decided which capsule & stroller we’re gonna get:
the Safe N Sound Unity capsule
and the Steelcraft Profile Stroller – it’s much lighter than the original Eden we looked at (& cheaper too). I feel I could handle this stroller much better – even took it for a test run in the store lolbritax-profile-layback-stroller-77-bad-lStill looking at cots, I really like the Love N Care 3-in-1 Vogue.
vogue-main Ok well I guess that’s all atm.

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