Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010 & updating

First up just wanted to share this cool quote I found
My opinion is that anybody offended by breastfeeding is staring too hard. ~David Allen
gotta love it!
Wow we’re into 2010 already & we’re just under 6 weeks to go!! OMG where has the time gone?
Still really haven’t got anything bought. My bro is buying us the Unity capsule. We’ll probably get the stroller just after bub is born.
The in-laws are buying us a cot & mattress. I think we’ve finally decided on a cot…
a Grotime Lara 4-in-1 cot.
Mum’s being buying heaps of clothes still. Got some great bargains too. Like a brand new Bub2B (kmart brand) top from a second hand store for $5!! It’s never been worn and still has the labels on it.
I’ve nearly got my labour bag packed – all I need to do is chuck in my purple mini folder, our birth plan, some pkts of barley sugar, some deodorant for both of us and some change. I’ll chuck the camera and mobile in just before we leave.
Suitcase is nearly packed as well, just need to grab 2 pairs of pjs from mum, a notepad so I can write stuff down (won’t take my laptop as there will probably b no net access :( ), my 2010 journal (will put that in just before we leave), and some disposables for bub.
GD is going well. The diabetes nurse is happy with my levels so we haven’t put my insulin up (yay). I should have at least one more scan AND if all things continue to go well they won’t induce me and I can go to term (& possibly slightly over).
Mum’s coming in either tomorrow or Friday to give me a hand with some cleaning up. Nice to have an extra set of hands, especially when hubby doesn’t seem motivated & would rather watch DVDs *sigh*
Have a breast feeding class on Thursday & an appointment with the dietician so will probably post again then.

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