Friday, December 18, 2009

Embarking on (yet another) new project

I decided the other day that taking both my purple binder with baby info plus my bub journal plus my Log Your Memories 2010 Memory book (plus god knows what else) was a bit much & I need something smaller I could fit in my bag. Something about A5 size.
Then when I went to register at Diabetes Tas the other day for the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) the lovely lady there gave me an info binder. Guess what? It’s about A5 size!! So guess who’s going to alter it so I can take it with me in my bag & to hospital and not need to carry around 100 & 1 large binders and other books.
So this is what the binder looks like atm001
There are 5 dividers and I’m not really sure what sections I’ll need.
I’ve started creating pages thou so I guess we’ll see what sections come from the pages I create.
I’ve been typing up a food journal so I can keep an eye on what I’m eating, what affects my blood sugars and keep a record of my blood sugar levels. I decided to create some food journal pages to put in my binder so I can record what I eat when I’m out and about – I swear this binder is the perfect size for my bag! Guess that gives me my first section – Food. Means I can also put recipes to try in there as well.
I’ve created some some calendar pages as well, backed with an appointment list so I can keep track of my upcoming appointments (& don’t need to rely on my mobile as an appointment book)
I’ve started on a few checklists as well as important contacts. It’s also got a clear pocket in the back so I’ll put my purple hospital book in there and then I know where it is.
Anyways, I’ll be back in the next few days with the altered cover and dividers as well as a few of the pages I’ve printed out.

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