Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GD Update

Well the clinic went well. There was me, hubby & one other lady. We learned about the different types of diabetes, had a quick meeting with the nutritionist and then learned how to monitor our blood sugar.
We have to report our levels once a week so they can keep an eye on how we are going. So far my morning levels have been just over the level they want and my others are pretty good – unless I drink Coke, so no more Coke til after bub is born.
Also need to exercise more. I’m trying to motivate hubby into starting to go walking with me each night. I’ll probably start swimming next week.
Ok better go take my post breakfast bloods and then get myself ready to head into town – gotta call into Diabetes Tas to get some more testing strips & sign up for the NDDS then off to the hospital to report in (since I’m in town anyways)

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