Sunday, December 13, 2009

A new look

What do you think? I love the templates that Gisele does. You can see her free templates here. Will slowly add my sidebar thingies back over the next day or two.
Now onto the updates.
I have gestational diabetes. Off to the hospital tomorrow for a three hour clinic. According to the letter we’ll learn about GD, risks to the mother & baby, aims of care, healthy eating plan and blood glucose monitoring. So I’ll be keeping an eye on my blood sugars for the last 2 months on my pregnancy. Will be interesting to see if this means more scans. Chatted to one of the other girls in the ante-natal class who has GD and she said this means I don’t see Team any more (until the wolflet is born) but will see the diabetes team now *sigh*. Got an appointment with the endo on Christmas Eve and then another two appointments in early January (one with the diabetes nurse educator and one with the dietician). Will all b interesting.
The wolflet is moving around LOTS. Mainly of a night time now and early in the morning, or if I get up to go to the loo.
Was playing around with the camera the other day and took this pic of one of the wolflet’s bears – thought it looked like the bear (who’s name is PJ) was looking at the star ornament.
004Went shopping yesterday with mum. Was nice to have a girl’s day and get some shopping done. Bought some more goodies for the wolflet to wear and some bits & pieces for me while I’m in hospital plus a couple of gorgeous new tops and a couple of new bras (not sharing pics of them lol). So now the lounge has piles of baby clothes all sorted by size. gonna take a bit of getting used to ;)
009and finally a new belly pic

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