Friday, January 15, 2010

4 weeks to go

OMG!!!!!!! 4 weeks!!!!! Had my baby shower yesterday but more about that later.
Had an appointment with the OB & Endo yesterday. Endo is very happy with how things are going so is the OB. My hip pains are just the results of ligaments etc stretching and the cramps are practice contractions. My fundal height is 36cm and the heartbeat is good. Also had a CGT so they are very happy with that and got the expressing kit so I’ll start doing that tonight (well try anyways lol) So all is good in the eyes of the hospital :D
Onto the baby shower……
It was a great afternoon with lots of games and lots of pressies. We received… clothes, nappies, a baby bath, towels, cot sheets, mattress protectors, a crocheted rug, books (which is awesome cause we both love reading & want to read heaps to bub), bibs, toys, a photo frame, a Hawks football (see it has no choice in what AFL team it follows LOL) and much more. Ate way too much, especially the marbled chocolate cheesecake slice *yum*
Got to catch up with my cousin & her new little one who were up from Hobart for the week which was awesome as I haven’t seen her for ages.
Hubby ended up coming out to mum & dad’s and we had pizza for tea. Was nice not to have to cook LOL
Next week I have a couple of appointments – one with the OB (they are weekly from now on I think), a growth scan, and a practical parenting class.
So much is going on around home now too. We’ve emptied the back room and are up to the stage of plastering the joins (hubby & FIL are doing that today). The sanding will prob get done Sunday (giving the plaster a day & a bit to dry) then we’ll paint hopefully Monday and pick up the new flooring on Tuesday to be put in Wednesday. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday morning will see the new door go in as well. Thursday is Dad’s birthday so I doubt we’ll do anything then meaning Friday we’ll move computers.
Saturday & Sunday will most likely be spent plastering up holes in the nursery (where computer cables have been moved from), doing paint touch ups, steam cleaning the floor & setting up the cot & moving the wardrobe in. I’m sooooo looking forward to that bit :D
Anyways enough from me. Off to do update our to do list & then have some lunch.

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