Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Growth scan & parenting class

Went and had our growth scan yesterday. All is going well. Bub is measuring about 2-3 days ahead at 37 weeks. Bub is positioned head down with the spine on the left hand side and feet in my ribs on the right. Have a nice bruise on my right hand side.
Popped in to see Andrea and she looked at my blood sugar levels and is very happy with how things are going, so another positive :)
Off to see Dr Dennis tomorrow so will report back tomorrow night.
The Practical Parenting class was interesting. First up we went and watched a newborn being bathed. He was very cute and I think we both learnt a bit. We discussed going out with bub, feeding, sleeping, having pets and introducing pets to bub and a couple of other things. Most of it was stuff we had discussed in other classes.
Not much else to report at the moment. Will hopefully have some more pictures to share this weekend of my purple mini binder & my bub journal. I’ve started a Word doc so I’m doing a bit of journaling in that while I work on the pages.

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