Thursday, February 4, 2010

39 weeks

OMG where has the last nine months gone?
Our cot is set up, we have the baby seat (& got it properly fitted in the car) and a stroller, lots of baby clothes & my bags are pretty much packed (just a few more things to add)
Had another appointment today. Endo is very happy with how I’m going so has said they don’t need to see me again til I go into labour.
Docs are happy too & are happy to let me go to term (I was actually given the choice). The doc I saw today said it feels like bub is engaged so now begins the waiting game. Have another appointment next Thursday.
Feel huge. Feel hot. Getting more BHs *sigh*
(hehe how trendy is that – pj bottoms & one of hubby’s tank tops)
On a side note – I twisted my ankle last Friday & it is huge. Is making it very hard to wear shoes.
Not much else to report. Got most of the nursery organised. Will share photos over the weekend.

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  1. That is a baby bump and a half C! Hurry up & get out of there baby, I bet your Mummy (& Daddy) are just itching to meet you! So happy for you :D