Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time for another update

Not much is going on here at the moment really. Just waiting for the little one to arrive.
Got a few more things done in the nursery. Just need some drawers & a change table.
Got some of the Deborah Woods prints framed & they are up on the wall now. These are the three we have chosen.

(here’s a shot of all three together)Oak Tree Set Thumbseriously too cute.
Haven’t taken any new shots of the nursery but will get around to doing it when it cools down a bit. It is so hot here atm (well hot for Tassie anyway lol)
Ankle is still swollen – could take up to 6 weeks to come right and of course the heat doesn’t help much.
Have an appointment at the hospital on Thursday. I imagine they may do an internal to see how all is going. Not long to go now – 5 days til our EDD. Have a feeling the wolflet will arrive in the early hours of Sunday morning (allowing mum to watch her team play – even if it is on telly – Saturday night).

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