Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY Birthing/Labour Kit

One of the things I keep seeing around to pack in your hospital/birth centre bag is a birthing/labour kit. I'll be doing a separate post on the hospital bag and what I found I did and didn't use last time (& what I wished I'd had in my bag) but today I'm focusing on just the labour kit - something specifically for mum (& her support person) for use during labour.
There are some cute ones out there you could buy but why not make your own (or maybe make one for a friend who's pregnant!)
You will need:
  • a cute bag or box to put it all in
  • snack foods - barley sugars, muesli bars, fruit roll ups
  • notepad & pen
  • lip gloss
  • hair ties and/or headband
  • mints
  • something to drink (bottled water/Gatorade)
  • face wipes
  • a hair brush
  • a heating/cool bag
  • some nice massage oil
  • some warm socks and/or thongs (not the type you put your bum in)
I'm sure there are heaps of other things you could add. Have I forgotten anything that you needed/wanted during labour?
Look out for another post soon on making up a Postpartum care kit

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