Sunday, April 27, 2014

Something special for mums

One of the suggestions I found while looking for things to do at a Mother Blessing was the idea of a Nurture basket. A nature basket is full of goodies just for mum (& maybe the occasional thing for bub)!
How awesome is that idea? I know most, if not all, new mums would love it!

Following is a list of ideas for a Nurture Basket. Thanks to the fellow Bub Hub birth group mum's for some of these ideas.

  • a journal and nice black pen
  • restaurant gift certificates
  • books
  • CD of lullabies
  • massage gift certificate
  • bath and lotion items - think bubble bath, hand cream, face masks, body lotion
  • chocolate
  • bathrobe 
  • pyjamas
  • nipple soothing cream
  • cleaning voucher (or a IOU for an hours cleaning or laundry)
  • scented candles
  • A voucher for new underwear
  • A subscription to a parenting magazine
  • A beauty voucher for a manicure, pedicure or facial
  • A voucher for a hair cut and colour
  • A potted plant in a fancy pot
  • A filter water bottle
  • A Gift Subscription to The Australian Breastfeeding Association (or your countries equivalent)
  • CD of relaxation tunes
  • snacks for labour
  • keepsake box
  • a baby book
  • note cards, envelopes (& stamps) - great for sending thank you’s
  • slippers
  • a good eye mask
  • luscious lip balm
  • a labour kit

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