Friday, July 18, 2014

Things (& an idea)

Well. There are roughly 3 weeks to go. I'm nearly 37 weeks!
I haven't had my mother blessing mainly because life has been way to hectic (I'll get to that in a minute) but I’ve had a chat to mum and discussed organising a baby meet & greet after bub is born and we've had a chance to bond as a new family of four. Also means we'll have an idea of what, if anything we need lol.
Anywho, on to the hectic. We had a weekend away which was lovely.
When we got back we decided to rip up all the carpets in our house as we think that's what's been making us sick. OMG I was disgusted to see what was under the carpet. No wonder we haven't been well YUCK
We have been taking about getting the floorboards polished for as long as we have lived here so, as you do at 8 1/2 months pregnant, I thought we might as well get it done. Which also meant getting the lounge and dining room painted first. We have been super lucky and have found a painter who came and gave us a quote one day and three days later has done the job.
I've been getting very nesty (is that even a word?) as has mum, who is having a lovely time washing and ironing baby clothes for me. I've just been cleaning the house around all the pandemonium. I did say to hubby though we aren't having any more kids as it's getting way too expensive. We renovated our kitchen while I was pregnant with Miss K and this time around we renovated our bathroom (like completely stripped out the room and started from scratch), have done the floors and got some painting done. Thanks must go to my parents for all the help they have given us recently too. Love you both heaps!
Onto my little idea. Well I can't claim the idea as mine. I saw it on one of my favourite blogs (Fat Mum Slim) and thought I really wish I'd done this for Miss K. SO. What is this idea? Writing a monthly letter to my little one on the blog. You can check out Chantelle's letters to her daughter here
What I'm hoping to do is, starting this week, write a letter to both my kids here on the blog. Fingers crossed I'll be able to do it monthly. I may even end up sharing my monthly Project Life pages here too.

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