Monday, August 18, 2014

Welcoming Miss Anastasia Madison

Well we’ve been home for a just over a week now so I guess I should get around to introducing our new bundle of joy and sharing her amazing (& speedy) birth story.


Our first photo about 30 minutes after delivery.

So the birth story. You may remember the story of Miss K’s birth and everything I went through (if not you can read all about it). This time was a totally different story.

For a start we decided early on that we wanted to go through the Launceston Birth Centre and have a water birth, especially after reading about Glowless’ water birth of her second. Skip forward through the usually pregnancy stuff. Must mention Yay for no Gestational Diabetes this time around and WONDERFUL midwives, boo to low iron but Yay to the wonders of liquid chlorophyll.
On the Thursday (7/8) I’d had a few twinges and been loosing bits of plug for a day or two. I said to hubby “I think little miss will make an appearance in the next 24 hours”. Nothing overnight and most of Friday was pretty uneventful. Mum took Miss K out for the afternoon and then dropped her back home. About 45 minutes later (around 6pm), just as we were finishing tea I heard a pop and said to hubby “um, I think my waters just broke”.

We started grabbing a few last minute things and I went to the loo and then the contractions started strong. We bundled into the car and got ready to drop Miss K off to my parents, 15 minutes away. We made it 5 minutes from home and I said to hubby “I’m not going to make it to town, lets go to the hospital”.

We turned around and made it to the local hospital where we asked them to ring an ambulance for us. About 5 minutes later the ambulance arrived and the lovely nurses offered to look after Miss K until Mum arrived to pick her up. Hubby followed in the car and said he thought I’d give birth in the back of the ambulance as it slowed down a few times. All I remember is chatting away to the lovely woman in the ambulance all the way to town, great for keeping your mind off the contractions which were getting closer together and much more painful.

Luckily we made it to the Birth Centre where our midwives, Anna & Becky, had the bath all ready to go. After getting inside I pretty much jumped straight in the bath. OMG that was the best feeling ever. Hubby poured warm water over my back during contractions and soon I was transitioning and so ready to push our little one out. Birthing in water is such a different feeling to birthing on a bed in a hospital. Totally different ends of the spectrum. I felt free to move into whatever position was comfortable, the midwives talked me through delivering so I’d stretch gradually and not tear (I did end up with a small tear but that was due to my impatience LOL)

I remember saying I didn’t want to keep going at one stage and at 8pm Miss A’s head appeared with rest of her following 2 minutes later. 8lb 5oz, 53cm long and a full head of dark hair. After 20 minute of lovely cuddles with our new little girl and when her cord had stopped pulsating the cord was clamped and hubby got to cut it. He then got to have lots of snuggles with his new daughter, something he missed out on with Miss K.

I got out of the bath and birthed the placenta and membranes on the toilet. Remember saying “they’re right it does feel like a jellyfish’' Hubby continued to cuddle Miss A then I fed her while my small tear was stitched up.

I took a quick pic and SMSed it to my parents, in-laws, brother & sister in law while hubby messaged a few friends.

The three of us cuddled up together in bed and just enjoyed being new parents again. Miss A slept so well but we kept waking to check her.

Part 2 coming soon.

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