Saturday, November 22, 2014

To our girls (October & November)

Ok so I suck at the monthly thing :/

Here we are nearly at the end of November. I still can’t believe how quick the year has gone.

Kara, can you believe you’ll be finishing Possums in a couple of weeks. Next week is your kindy orientation. Our little baby is off to school next year. We’ve been amused by your renditions of Let it go & Do you want to build a snowman, and we’re slightly sick of watching Frozen. We need to find you a new movie to watch. Things have been busy around here with lots of planning for Christmas. You’ve asked for guinea pigs, a trampoline and most recently “real chickens that lay eggs”.


Your big achievement this month – rising your bike by yourself! We went to the bike centre with daycare and you loved riding around with your friends
Your at the stage of being really cuddly with your sister and trying to pick her up, giving me lots of heart attack moments. The behaviour could be a bit better but it’s an attention thing when I pay more attention to your sister than you. I don’t mean to pay more attention to your sister but she’s still little and takes up much of my time. That will all change soon.

We took you to see the ENT and he’s happy with how your ears are. All the fluid was gone by the time we got into see him but you did have some issues with wax. We do have to keep an eye on your ears and tonsils though just in case.

Anastasia, you are growing so damn quick and picking up lots of new skills.


You delight in babbling away and having conversations with us. You have a gorgeous giggle and love to play This little piggy or Peek-a-boo. We haven’t bought you many new toys as you are content to play with hand me downs from your sister. You’re still a happy chucker and causing huge amounts of washing for me, especially at the moment cause you have a head cold.
Your latest tricks – rolling from your tummy to your back and pushing yourself around the floor on your back.

Til next month (hopefully)

Love Mum

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