Monday, March 9, 2015

I really suck at the monthly thing ;)

Well girls, your mum really sucks at writing a letter to you monthly. The last letter was the end of November last year :/
Quite a bit has happened since then.
Kara, you continued getting ready for kindy and are really enjoying Possums. You walked in the Christmas parade with daycare. Early December was spent helping the gardener landscape our front yard. You had such a great time. The child and family centre opened and you're having lots of fun playing with your friends there and taking part in the school holiday activities.
December saw you getting into cooking again, especially the Peppa Pig cookies.
Of course December also meant Christmas - dinner with friends before Christmas, the daycare Christmas party and this year we went looking at the Christmas lights. And we got 2 chickens for Christmas!! Kara, you love checking every day to see if there are eggs.
I got my licence in December and you were pretty excited when I took my first drive (in 20 odd years) on Christmas morning.
Aggie took you to see Paddington at the movies - the first time you'd been to the cinema.
The beginning of 2015 saw us all with head colds, some lasted longer than others.
You both started swimming lessons. Anastasia, you took to it like a natural and Kara, you are improving so much!
The night before Australia Day we went up to Launceston to watch fireworks. Kara, you loved them and talked about them all the way home. That and the wrestling by the Tas Championship Wrestling boys. Anastasia, we thought you'd go to sleep but you were more interested in watching everything and then when the fireworks started you just lay in the pram and watched in awe
Kara, you started kindy in February. So far so good. You are loving it and have a great group of friends.
February also saw you turn 5! Where has my little baby gone :( We had a Frozen themed party. Frozen and Shopkins are your favourite things at the moment.

You are growing up so quickly. The last few months have seen you start rolling around everywhere, trying to crawl (& getting frustrated when you don't do anything - it will come soon enough), waving goodbye, getting your bottom two tooth - the next two are on the way. We celebrated your first Christmas - you really weren't all that interested in anything.
We had an emergency trip to the hospital with you in February as you had a temp of 40 and it wouldn't come down for the doctor. we got to the hospital and your temp went back down.
You also went to your first AFL game. The Hawks played the Pies in the NAB Challenge at Aurora. Sadly the Hawks lost. You cried every time people cheered during the first half but seemed ok after many cuddles.

SO hopefully the next letter I write will be a bit sooner than the last.
Love to you both,

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